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Quality Control


Quality Control

To control production upstream, JTG makes production samples that we provide to our customers for confirmation. We do follow your quality control requirements into details.

We use several tests to check the fabric such as: washing, shrinkage, skewness, color fastness, among others. Moreover, we can also apply quality control methodology that is tailored to our customer’s specifications: for example, 100% or random testing is done by the organization of our customer’s choice. Before leaving the factory, we verify the quality and quantity of the products ordered.

Production Follow-Up

For every order made, JTG sends is committed to sending a dedicated team that monitors and inspect every stage of the production process. Our buyers coordinate monitoring activities directly with our permanent inspectors currently on-site so as to guarantee the agility and speed necessary for respecting the commitments of our client.
JTG ensures that proper execution of the production orders is monitored and that the appropriate methods and means are used within the production process and in particular in procurement of the raw materials, quality control during and after the production as well as in the production line assembly.