At The JATA Group, we provide our customers with the best garment industry network that meets their requirements.
Our Accessories and Fabric department ensures that it does everything possible so as to obtain the best process and quality. Our partners are able to provide a wide range of accessories. We work diligently on a daily basis so as to find new manufacturers and suppliers that will ensure our customers’ expectations are fulfilled.
We ensure that the manufacturer is audited before engaging with them so as to make sure good working conditions and quality production are maintained.
The audit process has to undergo through  six fundamental aspects namely:
Administration and finance
Quality management system
Social conditions and environment
Participating businesses
Internal management and processes
Every merchandiser deals with all our references as well as going on to the field in order to check our customer’s ongoing production.



Quality Control:

To control production upstream, JTG makes production samples that we provide to our customers for confirmation. We do follow your quality control requirements into details.
We use several tests to check the fabric such as: washing, shrinkage, skewness, color fastness, among others. Moreover, we can also apply quality control methodology that is tailored to our customer’s specifications: for example, 100% or random testing is done by the organization of our customer’s choice. Before leaving the factory, we verify the quality and quantity of the products ordered.

Standards control
Quality control organizations or accreditations are our close allies in ensuring that our standards are controlled. This guarantees that our products are able to reach the highest standards in regards to their quality and their working environment.

Production Follow-Up
For every order made, JTG sends is committed to sending a dedicated team that monitors and inspect every stage of the production process. Our buyers coordinate monitoring activities directly with our permanent inspectors currently on-site so as to guarantee the agility and speed necessary for respecting the commitments of our client.
JTG ensures that proper execution of the production orders is monitored and that the appropriate methods and means are used within the production process and in particular in procurement of the raw materials, quality control during and after the production as well as in the production line assembly.



Our logistics and shipment department is usually run by a multicultural team that has an excellent knowledge about the Vietnamese laws, quotas, customs and taxes. At JTG, we handle custom clearance daily to arrange both air and cargo shipments. We partner with some of the best forwarding companies worldwide.