About us

The JATA Group (JTG) is a collection of international companies that are fast growing towards a diversified approach of business growth. The Group’s headquarters are in Los Gatos, California USA. JTG is among the leading companies trading garment. We provide a one stop sourcing as well as garment manufacturing, contracts with all growers and producers for the US market. The company outsources it services from China, Cambodia, and Vietnam because of their high quality garments & products and low production costs within the region. We are specialist in trade consulting and sourcing for the Vietnamese market where we are interested in facilitating trading partnerships between our clients globally and our factories within Southeast Asia. World trade commodity markets are constantly changing. We are always in tune with the trends, to keep our customers informed and adapt the way we source product in response these changes. We always take care of our entire business partners because we believe in making lifetime relations with them.